With Thanks To All

Hello to everyone,

Our pilgrimage is complete for this year and sadly the time has come to begin winding down this website. It will still be up for a little while longer but then we’ll shut it down and take a break.  It’s time to get caught up on some deferred projects on the home front.  After that who knows what new adventures are waiting in the wings ;-). Whatever it may be we sure hope you’ll join us!

Most importantly, we want to thank all our friends for the generous donations made to the Families For Children.  The monies that everyone contributed makes a great difference in the lives of these beautiful youngsters.  Also, a very special thanks to my long time yoga instructor and great friend Akke Hulburt, my beloved daughter Michelle Chamlis, and Leo Dodds who is our FFC contact for all their creative ideas, proof reading, and logistical help with the website and the fund raising!

While the “Pilgrim’s” website will soon be offline, the FFC website at Families for Children (FFC) will still be fully operational and active. Please consider adding their site to your browser’s favorites list and visit them often.  Seeing the work that’s being done there every day and knowing that you’re a real part of it is food for the soul.

Thank you again and blessings to you all,

Doug, Michelle, Shea and Piper





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