Piper, Michelle, Shea, and Doug - Peregrinos in training :-)
Piper, Michelle, Shea, and Doug – Peregrinos in training 🙂

The Pilgrims’ Way

To commemorate my recent retirement, I decided to kick-off the remainder of my life by doing the Pilgrims’ Walk to Santiago de Compostela.

When I mentioned my idea to my daughter she was very enthusiastic and expressed an interest in going along.  She also thought that maybe we could take her two daughters, my granddaughters, as well so they could  share in this once in a lifetime experience.

Porto to Santiago
Porto to Santiago

We have settled on the route from Porto, Portugal to Compostela Spain.  Depending on the exact route and pace that should be about 140 miles over 12-14 days or around 11 miles per day on average.

While the trip itself has come together, it seemed that something was missing.  Beyond the personal satisfaction of enduring the inherent physical challenges, this pilgrimage is intended to be a spiritual endeavor.

How to articulate that essential part of the trek and bring it to life?

I have been a student/teacher of yoga at Akke’s Yoga Place (AYP)  in Blacksburg, Va for almost 20 years and have been routinely donating to an orphanage in Coimbatore, India.  So the thought arose to walk the Pilgrim’s walk to benefit the disadvantaged children who live in the orphanage/special needs homes that are run by the Families for Children (FFC).

We leave for Portugal on the 6th of June, 2017 and will walk our
pilgrimage for the children!


Three Generations Trek for Faith, Hope and Charity